That’s the working title of our book.  We are amassing a boatload of information on this topic, I assure you! From health and financial issues to ‘how to know when its time’ to ‘daily trips to Goodwill’ to many, many more things in-between.  Maybe a book like this would be useful to people who will find themselves in this situation in the coming years?  I found very little advise online and am convinced that with the economy ($4.00 gas prices causes big changes to family budgets!) and the “bell curve” of Baby Boomers having parents in their late 70’s and 80’s now, more and more families will be going back to this multi-generational household that was not all uncommon back in the 50’s. Good nursing home care is not affordable to most families.

Here are a few observations from both sides:

Grammy, comfy in her LazYBoy


      • Surprised at how nice it is to have pets to keep you company (and not have to take care of them!)
      • Excited about “new” things…kitchen utensils, etc. are more current than she had in her own home
      • Tentative to do anything, for fear of “making us mad” or “stepping on toes” or “messing things up” or “loading the dishwasher wrong”…17-year old grandson finally intervened, saying “Grammy, you need to quit acting like you’re a guest here and realize its YOUR HOME, too!”  (proud moment for parents)
      • Enjoying having assistance on meals and not having to grocery shop
      • Not enjoying a feeling of isolation, being away from neighbors and friends;  hopefully time will bring more people to visit, etc.

New Landlords!


      • 17-year old enjoying new independence, with use of car, since we now have 3 cars!
      • Adjusting to cooking dinner at a certain time EVERY night (except one that Grammy cooks)…much less eating out, tho, which is good
      • Still trying to find room for a mountain of “stuff” downstairs and in the garage…things that were moved to make room for in-law apartment.
      • Enjoying having a housekeeper every 2 weeks;  the requirement for this arrangement!
      • Adjusting to  new challenges every day, 2 more people in the house, new smells, etc.

Please comment if you have any advise or can share your own stories…