We don’t know much about this yet, but are learning every day, as we suspect Neal’s dad is advancing into some form of dementia.  He is currently undergoing tests, so we are obviously anxious to hear all the results.  It doesn’t sound good, however, when he was unable to answer the question in his first test, “How many children do you have?”

We’ve had other clues, of course, such as when we realized he’d been taking a common diarrhea medicine instead of his weekly osteoporosis drug;  both were tiny and came in a little bubble pack.  At that point, we took over management of his medicines, sadly, as he has always been quite capable and in charge of meds for both himself and Neal’s mom (not a small task for 2 elderly diabetics with other medical issues as well).

We know there will be more of this as he digresses…he already needs more assistance dressing, bathing, etc. so we are trying to keep abreast of growing needs for other assists.

How do you help someone maintain their dignity in the face of this obvious failing of their body?  Or more importantly, how do you keep them afloat,  safe from drowning in depression?

How difficult it is for a spouse to have to switch roles and learn to start taking care of the other spouse….as well as for a child to suddenly find himself parenting his parent.  Every day is a new challenge and we are learning so many new things.  God give us wisdom and patience.