Our one-&-only daughter is officially engaged!  We knew it was coming, as ‘the boy’  took us to dinner weeks ago to ask our “blessing and permission”, which I thought was uber-nice…but DIDN’T think it was nice that we were sworn to secrecy all that time 🙂

So, off they went to Mexico for a long weekend’s vacation and he took her on a memorable walk on the beach, proposing tearfully on one knee with a lovely (I guess…I’ve only seen the fuzzy Facebook pic!) ring.

For Aunt Marti’s benefit, since she claims she hasn’t given her approval yet since she hasn’t seen a photo of  ‘the boy’…here they are! Photo was taken at the Race for the Cure, which we all walked in honor of his mom, currently fighting breast cancer.

Alan & Alison

The future Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bruns