I often think that we are at the edge of the curve…that as Baby Boomers age, and our parents age…more will be pulling parents into their homes, just like we did.  But its so hard to find information..  many “resources” are just looking for your money and aren’t all that helpful. How to navigate?

We made a good decision a few months ago, to have an assessment done by a local home health care agency.  They charged nothing for the assessment, and came back to us armed with information on services they could offer, as well as Medicare, etc. options for payment.

As conditions change (which we’ve found they DO change WEEKLY!), the agency has made new recommendations, filed all the paperwork, and even been in touch with the Veterans Administration to iron out benefits.

New changes this week include a hospital bed, which allows FIL to safely get up during the night…and he actually gets up LESS now, so the bed must be more comfortable for him.; an unexpected side benefit!

We have added assistance with two 1-hour baths per week for FIL, plus 3 other days of a 6-hour home health aide, who not only bathes him, but assists with meals, straightening, bathroom cleaning (VERY necessary with the elderly!), and other things “as needed”. What a God-send!  MIL is feeling much happier now that the stress of constant care has been lifted and we feel so much better at work each day knowing they are safe and someone is checking in every day while we’re gone.

Each day, each week, each month is new and different.  We just plod on…