When you are a daily caregiver to a couple of octogenarians…on top of working full time, making plans for a wedding and 2 graduations, etc. a good way to deal with the intense stress is to TRY and “accentuate the positive”…and take a moment to appreciate little things as they go by.

I had a good day.  I was thrilled to be able to spend much of the day manning the Super Bowl Host Committee’s Media Center, chatting with reporters from around the world (Italy, Argentina, Australia, NY to name a few!), and helping with story ideas and sources for interviews.  “Where will these football players most likely get in trouble” was one I bounced over to a Sports Corp spokesman (here‘s his story) and ‘tell me more about this Lego Lucas Oil Stadium’ (here is one of many stories and see below for photos). I am looking forward to another such day on Thursday and then a full day in Super Bowl Village on Saturday, the day before The Game, assisting media.

My day was capped off by seeing K3, my youngest son, decked out head to toe in MY clothes!  Even my daughter rarely borrowed my clothes…but it just so happens that I have a decent wardrobe of workout/running attire that my son likes to get into.  Thankfully, I’m not yet old enough or quite chubby enough that he can’t still wear stuff of mine 🙂

Also, daughter was over for dinner with us;  always a treat, since she doesn’t live with us any more!  We spent some time laying on my bed going over some wedding details, too, which was fun.  I must remember to cherish these little things!

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