Our last child…and last Prom.

*whew* The wedding is over.  The newlyweds are back home from their honeymoon and back to work.  The cake pieces returned to the baker, vases returned to the florist, tuxes returned (after being re-used for Prom!) and final invoices paid.  My brain is still not quite settled, but we are living in the glow of a wonderful 3 days of party with our favorite people…friends and family. 

Now we are working on a Purdue University graduation (and I do mean working…there are complications!), a high school graduation, a freshman orientation trip to Nashville, TN and some other celebratory events.

Life is pretty good, but I must admit there looms a shadow on the horizon, and not much sunshine.  We are about to say good-bye to life as its been;  daughter is off living her married life now, K2 is about to move out on his own and start his fabulous new job and K3 is about to move to Nashville for college…some 6 hours away. We will be left here, alone with the pets and the octogenarians who live with us.  Its a new stage of life I am not looking forward to.  We’ve spent the past decades full of games, projects, concerts, tournaments and all the stuff of kids…and we’re really not ready to give it all up. I pray that God has some new plan for us…