There are so many life-changing events occurring within our family this spring, we barely can find time to relax and breathe.  I want to take a moment…I want to remember each and every detail. 

  • Alison and Alan, April 20, 2012

    Alison’s wedding;  I was delayed getting to the church by numerous roadblocks;  I later found out I was the beautician’s FIRST client! which pushed everything late…and I was distressed that I was not there in time to help my only daughter into her wedding gown. *tears* Later when the photos arrived from the professional photographer I was gratified to see wonderful and fun pics of her 4 bridesmaids assisting her…lovely! Perfect!


  • Jon’s graduation;  distressed with all the complications caused by a lone professor and his unusual grading methods, but we were still witness to a beautiful ceremony at Purdue University, including a great and humorous talk by a Nobel Prize laureate. All will turn out well in the end.
  • 2 sons, 8 years of Cathedral H.S. now finished.

  • Alex’s graduation; the panic of a forgotten camera dimmed in the importance of a wonderful ceremony, nice speeches, and the bittersweet ending of 12 years of h.s. events, performances, study assists, trips, early morning marching and so many more things.  Now, we just need to make that final payment so we can move on to paying for 4 more years of college…



So many details of wedding and graduation parties, end-of-year banquets, final projects, moving, new jobs,  new college orientation, etc….we are overwhelmed, sad, yet also happy and so grateful for such a full life.  God has been good.  We look back to 2004 when the bottom dropped out of our world and all the discouraging things that have happened since then…but we can also see all the wonderful things that have also been happening.  We have 3 great kids…and now a new son-in-law as well who is pretty great himself! Neal and I are definitely embarking on a new season in our lives, including caretakers to his aging parents….yet we still see opportunities for ourselves to do new things, unencumbered by the many appointments of kids in school.

Stay tuned!