Yes, I vacationed in Disney…or did I? You decide…here are the details:

  • 60 hours on a bus with 62 marching band teenagers and 10 chaperones (yes, that includes 2 nights of ‘sleep’ in a bus seat).
  • 4 theme parks in 90+ temperatures
  • 3-4 days of torrential rains where we wore plastic rain ponchos all day
  • This, part of my job as “tour escort” for a travel company
Between rainstorms...

Between rainstorms on Main Street

Okay that’s the worst…but the best is this:

  • I had a nice break from the routines of home
  • I got to stay in a fabulous suite for a week (with clean sheets and no dog hair).
  • I ate a few nice restaurant meals (and lots of fast food)
  • I made some $$
  • I did go to Disney for a week!