Our ocicat Puma…my favorite little guy….beloved baby boy….is gone.  He was just five years old, chosen as a tiny kitten to be a birthday gift for our youngest child.  We got him at Cats Haven Rescue, who had raided a “bad breeder”, thus allowing us the privilege of sharing in this unique breed of cat. 

We were immediately drawn to his unique personality/attitude, which was always more puppy-like than cat-like.  Aloof?  Heavens no!  He followed us around, begging for attention, fetching, coming when called, etc.  He was the “bratty little brother” to our other two female cats, pawing at them or invading their space until they screeched at him, often hissing, which he barely reacted to.  He slept with me nearly every night, tucked against my hip.  He often pressed his face to ours, covering us in cat kisses.

But now he’s gone.  Apparently he had a hidden heart problem and a sudden blood clot paralyzed his back legs, with euthanasia the only solution.  We are heartbroken and devastated; we had no time to prepare!  He was too young! Too sudden! 

 There will never be another Puma. Yes, we have other pets and will always have more….but never will completely fill the void he left. (click on pic to enlarge)