We took our youngest child off to college last weekend.  How did the time fly by so fast?  He was our 10th anniversary baby…one night in San Francisco and now he’s off to college! The other two kids’ colleges were within an hour or so from home… but this one was anxious to go far away and chose Nashville, TN, a good 5+ hour drive.  Frankly, I’d move to Nashville in a heartbeat, but its seemingly not in the cards for me, so we’ll have to live vicariously through him.  By the way, he moved into the dorm with a drum set, saxophone, guitar and keyboard…and was right in his element with a dorm full of instruments.

Belmont U. is an amazing place so far. With 1700 incoming freshman, each was assigned a time for move-in. As we pulled up in our fully loaded SUV with U-Haul, there was a cheering crowd of at least 100 students outside the dorm to welcome us.  The moment we stopped the car, at least 20 of them came running over and unloaded the entire car, shouting “Room 313! Room 313!” as they pulled everything out and marched it up to his room, including a queen-sized sofabed which was cheerfully carried up 3 flights of stairs (where will they be at move-out time, however?).  We stood around in amazement and also were quite pleased to find all his books in a box on his desk…the bookstore pulled his class list, picked out all used or rental books, and delivered them as requested, for a price exactly in the range I would’ve paid if I’d gone online to numerous sites picking and choosing a book here and another there…and paying shipping!

The rest of the weekend was a flurry of room setup, various convocations, etc. and even a Matriculation Ceremony.  This is something I’ve never heard of, despite having been involved in no less than 7 different colleges over the years.  It is very much like a graduation, with all the administrators filing in with caps and gowns, followed by the incoming students (in shorts and tees!), a speaker, and even a recitation by the students of a pledge to do their best, not cheat, yadayadayada…At the end, the President officially welcomed them to Belmont and said they were officially now Bruins.

Very cool.  What other school does all that?!  This is a very unique community and school.  Each of the administrators has repeatedly said their mission is to help each student find their God-given path of service.  We’re hopeful that Alex will grow and prosper here…it feels very right.

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