Another project!  My women’s club, the Alcott Club, produces a calendar of events each year.  The past few years it has been lovingly created by a papercrafts wiz, with layers of embellished goodies.

This year, we were aiming for something much simpler, and something that fit easily in a purse. So, it was printed 1/2 size, so when folded was 1/4 the size of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ page.

I was inspired by Vera Bradley and a local modern quilting store that features great funky fabrics. 

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Cut out 32 books-worth of fabric; 2-sides = 64 pieces, 1/2″ larger on all sides than book
  2. Iron on heavy-duty Pellon to wrong side of 32 of the pieces for stability
  3. Right sides together, sew 2 pieces together, around all edges, leaving small opening to turn right-side out. 
  4. Clip corners diagonally for smooth corners once you turn.
  5. Turn right side out, using pencil to push out corners.  Press well.
  6. Pin  ‘rick rack’ trim in opening and top stitch all around outside, attaching trim as you go.
  7. Sew on button, placed so rick rack can reach around it.
  8. Hot glue book to inside (that way book can be removed and new one inserted next year).
  9. Pass out to ladies and wait for ‘ooo’s and ahh’s’!