photo by Tom Lavin

About a year ago I was asked to serve as volunteer marketing director for the Indianapolis Just Give Me Jesus organizing committee.  The committee has been hard at work arranging for Anne Graham Lotz to come to town to present her Just Give Me Jesus 2-day revival.

Well, I had no idea what I was getting into at that time;  lots of time committed to meetings and phone calls and planning.  Since that time I’ve put together a marketing and a public relations plan and implemented it, purchasing billboards and radio and newspaper and online ads throughout central Indiana and some beyond and arranging for numerous interviews as well.

And it is finally upon us!  The excitement has built to a fever-pitch, with literally hundreds of volunteers trained and ready to act as ushers, counselors, prayer warriors and more.  Local ministers are participating, churches are sending groups, and more.  12,000 women are expected to descend upon the Indiana Convention Center to hear Anne‘s message as she and Babbie Mason,Sheila Bailey and Fernando Ortega fan the flames to renew the passion of faith and the love for God in believers’ hearts.  The media has finally taken an interest, with newspaper articles, radio interviews, television interviews and more and I am so honored to be a part of this huge public mission.

Please consider joining us April 5-6, 2013 and if you can’t, you can get a similar message in one of Anne’s books.  She is a beautiful woman with a very important message for us all!  You will be stirred in worship, inspired in prayer and will hear God speak personally to you with a fresh touch from Heaven.