If you know me, you know the in-laws have been living with us for 3 years now. We’ve been through many ups and downs in that time, as sharing a household is never easy.  Feelings get hurt, things get broken or dirty, schedules compromised, etc.

Hubz and I went into this like everything we do;  we researched, learned, prepared, made lists, etc. and yet knew there would be surprises. What surprised us the most, I think, is the fact that things never settle into a routine.  Each week of the last three years has brought new challenges and new ways of doing things. Just when you think you have it down, something changes! Someone gets sick, a health care provider retires or moves, and more.

Our latest change involves the nursing home.  Again, we knew it would happen, but you can never really fully prepare for the emotions that come along with that.  Gene fell Thanksgiving week and cracked a vertebrae, which is easily cemented…but nothing is easy when you’re 87.  It has set him back both physically and dementia-wise, necessitating his permanent move to assisted living.

That leaves Nola home with no daily health care provider, no social life and an overriding sadness of having to put her husband in a nursing home.

Nola & Gene = 65 year anniversary! 1/21/14

Nola & Gene = 65 year anniversary! 1/21/14

And so we enter a new phase of this cycle of living.  No one ever said it was pretty.  And even as I say “I can’t do this any more” I’m reminded of Phil. 4:13…”I can do all things through Him, who gives me the strength I need.” and I trudge on.