Do you know someone who has never used their wedding china, saved the crystal for “a special occasion”, kept the nicer silverware in the drawer?  Well, I think such things should be brought out occasionally and enjoyed, savored and generally appreciated.

So, when my friend Karen told me about some fabric that she’d had laying around for some 50 years, I was ready for the challenge.  Her mom was gifted a fine cotton/linen flat sheet from Europe 50+ years ago, but never used it, likely because she didn’t have the full set. So it sat.  And sat. And never got used, though the material has an absolutely gorgeous feel to it with a high thread count and natural fibers.

I first cut out 2 pillow cases, utilizing the finely crocheted trim.  Then with the remainder I was able to cut out a DOZEN square napkins, just slightly larger than the 16″ standard, so there would be plenty of room for decorative folds. Since there was no trim on the napkins and I don’t have a fussy machine that does monograms, I used a decorative stitch along the edges, just for a subtle elegance.

So easy…and the sheet will be so much more appreciated now; the gift that has kept on giving.  I folded 8 of the napkins into lotus blossoms for a nice presentation…just a matter of folding the corners into center, flip it over and fold corners in again, then pull up the flap.  Find tutorials online…