I’ve posted dozens of photos on Facebook about our new granddaughter, but just realized I’d never blogged about her.

Everything “they” say about being a grandparent is so true.  We are in love with this adorable little person and also somewhat in awe of what a wonderful mom our daughter is turning into.  She, who has in her life been prone to anxiety, self-judging and feelings of “I’m not good enough”, has taken to nursing, cleaning dirty bottoms and schedule-keeping with surprising ease.  We are so proud of her and see a wonderful future for this new little family.

And little Chloe is nearly perfect in every way. Would a grandma…”GiGi”…say anything less?  Hubz “Papa” enjoys laying with her on his chest, as he did our own children.  I just love to hold her, stare at her, smell her sweetness, and wonder at how perfect she is.  She is very easy-going (ah…to lull her parents into having more?) and has slept through the night from a very early age.  I also get to “babysit” on a fairly regular basis, which is really nice.  Thanks to various resale shops, we have acquired all the necessary equipment, too, which we assume will be used quite a bit in the coming years for other grandchildren as well!

Here are some of my favorite pics…of the hundreds we’ve already taken!