I don’t think I’d ever heard of a brooch bouquet until Sierra broached the subject with me (see how I did that).  But of course Pinterest came through for me and about 8 months prior to her wedding I began collecting brooches from antique shops,,, etc. A bridesmaid also ordered a bag of knockoffs from China, which were a great help.

This is a very personal project…especially if you use vintage brooches with a story.  For me, it was something special I could provide for my “surrogate daughter” whom I’ve mentored for some 12 years.

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How many chairs like this have you seen at garage sales, Goodwill, etc.?  I think this came from a yard sale and cost less than $10. It is solid wood and has a nice figure, tho.

www.kathimoore.comWell, with just a little paint, a friend who fixed the seat for me, and some fabric I already had from Crimson Tate, suddenly it is a very cute side piece.  Just because I had more fabric that happened to coordinate, I made the pillow, too.  I frequently buy fabric that I just LIKE, so when I’m bored I can make a pillow or two or cover a bulletin board or some little project like that. I know…its a disease!

Don’t you think this is much cuter now?  (and…its for sale if you like…but not the cat!) IMG_1821

I have my cell phone & Kindle recharger right at the bedroom door for two reasons; one, I won’t forget it as I walk out the door and two, the nightstand is already too crowded!

Its all been on the floor…ick.  So, I found a little table we were no longer using and of course, chalk painted it!

Much better, don’t you think?

Hubz and I both like Craftsman style…real woods and natural colors…so when I first saw this chair on Craigslist, I was attracted to it.  The fact that is was just $25 made it all the more attractive!

Well, even after cleaning,  the “ultra-suede” cover was still old, faded, and even had some paint on it….ick. Not too great for our living room!


Well, I finally got around to finishing the new cover…good news is, Charlie the furry     beast doesn’t seem to like the new fabric, so perhaps I will no longer have to vacuum it all the time!






Charlie, the furry beast

AFTER! Silky fabric has stitched-on floral pattern!

Another project!  My women’s club, the Alcott Club, produces a calendar of events each year.  The past few years it has been lovingly created by a papercrafts wiz, with layers of embellished goodies.

This year, we were aiming for something much simpler, and something that fit easily in a purse. So, it was printed 1/2 size, so when folded was 1/4 the size of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ page.

I was inspired by Vera Bradley and a local modern quilting store that features great funky fabrics. 

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Cut out 32 books-worth of fabric; 2-sides = 64 pieces, 1/2″ larger on all sides than book
  2. Iron on heavy-duty Pellon to wrong side of 32 of the pieces for stability
  3. Right sides together, sew 2 pieces together, around all edges, leaving small opening to turn right-side out. 
  4. Clip corners diagonally for smooth corners once you turn.
  5. Turn right side out, using pencil to push out corners.  Press well.
  6. Pin  ‘rick rack’ trim in opening and top stitch all around outside, attaching trim as you go.
  7. Sew on button, placed so rick rack can reach around it.
  8. Hot glue book to inside (that way book can be removed and new one inserted next year).
  9. Pass out to ladies and wait for ‘ooo’s and ahh’s’!


17 days until daughter’s wedding.  We’ve been trying hard to keep within a strict budget, which means lots of DIY projects. Luckily, I’m pretty crafty 🙂 The flower girl dresses are finished and awaiting 2 adorable and teensy girls to bring them to life (age 4 and 2). Also made them hair bows, necklaces, and baskets. In fact, seems like I’ve spent far more time on the flower girls’ things than my own daughter…the bride!  I’ll be working on her veil this week…


Then I got the itch to paint something, since I’d just bought a load of paint from the “mistints” section of Porter Paints (CHEAP!).  Was planning on using the little table and chairs that my kids once had, for a play table at the reception…so grabbed it, put my chalk paint magic to work…and here’s what I ended up with!  I even took an old quilt that was so torn up it was not salvagable,  cut it up and sewed little seat cushions.  (Still have enough left for a couple of throw pillows for us.)  I’m excited!  It will be perfect for that someday “Grandma’s house” use, too…


"Before" it was just a plain wooden table and rickety chairs


One coat of paint w/unsanded grout sanding or priming necessary for this chalk paint process!


"After"! I LOVE it! Slightly distressed it, waxed it to seal it all, and added chair pads.

This will be a big year for us;  big wedding of daughter in April, followed by college graduation of son, then h.s. graduation of other son…followed by our 30th wedding anniversary…and surely a trip to the poorhouse!

As I look ahead to this, I also have a list of projects I want to complete:

  • Various wedding projects (just 14 weeks away!):
    • 2 flower girl dresses and baskets and hairbands/ribbons
    • table numbers and place-cards
    • invitations and programs (mostly kits)
  • Painting projects:
    • 1940’s maple dresser, soon to be distressed white; for craft supplies
    • bookshelf; adding fabric for shelf backing
    • old oak straight sidechair from Goodwill
    • other wooden side tables/chair finds from Goodwill, etc. for son’s post-college apartment
  • Other downstairs living room decor to make it a better place to hang out

Okay…lots of other stuff I can’t remember right now.  I need to get started sewing! Here is what I have so far for 2 adorable flower girls…looks like cotton candy!

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