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I don’t think I’d ever heard of a brooch bouquet until Sierra broached the subject with me (see how I did that).  But of course Pinterest came through for me and about 8 months prior to her wedding I began collecting brooches from antique shops,,, etc. A bridesmaid also ordered a bag of knockoffs from China, which were a great help.

This is a very personal project…especially if you use vintage brooches with a story.  For me, it was something special I could provide for my “surrogate daughter” whom I’ve mentored for some 12 years.

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In the midst of the craziness in my household (in-laws moving in this weekend! Room “before’s” and “afters” to come), I got the urge to do something crafty (that is, other than painting rooms and re-arranging closets, etc!).

Here’s what I came up with, inspired by a local quilter and the fact that the museum has a quilting show opening next month.  (All hand-quilted and beaded.)  Remember, its a first attempt!

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What a wonderful birthday! Got all dressed up and went to the museum’s “first annual” fundraising gala. More than 300 people were there…so nice of the museum to do that for me 🙂
Anyway…got the dress finished in plenty of time…and earrings and pendant to match. Behold! Teaching a crabby 4th grader to sew was clearly one of the best gifts my mom ever gave me!

P.S.  Here’s hubby, chatting it up with a museum guest!

Neal and the president

Hubby chats with party guest

Finding the time to sew is always a challenge, when I’m working 50-ish hours a week then coming home to make dinner, etc.  I don’t have as much energy as I used to and sitting on the couch watching TV take so much less motivation than sewing!

I’ve finished dozens of tucks, though, and last night got 10 darts, 2 princess seams and a pleat down the jacket back finished.  Now, on to attaching a neck band (not looking forward to that…looks complicated) and sleeves…and waistband for the skirt.   I need to have everything but the hems done by end of the weekend!

P.S.  I also took a break from sewing (!) and made some crystal earrings with a silver wrap and a crystal pendant with a small silver wrap to match…I’ll try to photograph them and add here later…