I always forget to take ‘before’ pics….I need to get better at that!  Here are some of the projects I’ve done recently, using furniture from thrift stores, etc. and re-loving them then selling them or giving them to family members.

I’m always open to take on your next project! 



You know by now I enjoy painting and finding the beauty in icky old pieces of furniture.  I hunt through Goodwill stores and other thrift stores, hunting for the $10 prize that just needs some attention to be brought back to its original beauty…or a better version!

Here’s my latest…sorry I always forget to take “before” pics, but trust me when I say this was one tired piece of furniture, with wet stains, chunks of wood missing, marker marks, etc.  and a $13 price tag.  I chalk-painted and waxed bottom and sanded/stained the top.

Look at her now!