I try to keep a running list of things I’m working on…partly so I don’t forget to finish things in a timely manner!  Its a good feeling to cross something off the list as ‘completed.’ Since I’m not good at photographing and doing tutorials for every project, here’s my condensed list from 2016. Feel free to ask questions or demand photos!  This list is more for my own memory as much as anything else 🙂

For 2017 I already have 3 quilts in the works, 3 pieces of furniture in our garage calling my name to make them pretty again, and a friend asking me to make some Roman shades and drapes.  Keeps me out of trouble!

Sewing Projects:

  • Baby quilt + sister’s heritage quilt redo + wedding quilt
  • 3 car seat wrap-around blankets
  • 3 baby blankets
  • Numerous baby burp cloths
  • Living room chair seat covers w/cording
  • Recovered dining room chairs
  • Pillows and tablecloth for a dining room
  • Placemats
  • Baby leggings
  • Corded bench cushion
  • Prom dress tailoring
  • Arm covers for damaged wicker chairs
  • Various plaid scarves + cowl-neck poncho
  • Small purse/carry bag

Painting projects:

  • Restored antique desk
  • Paint/distress dresser/changing table/custom shelf for nursery
  • pedestal oak table paint/stain
  • 2 wrought iron chairs + table paint/recover
  • Huge bunk bed/desk/ladder set painted
  • 2 vintage dressers painted/distressed for another nursery
  • Coffee table and side table paint/stain
  • Antique tv cabinet restoration
  • small cabinet paint/new quartz top
  • Sewing table restoration/paint
  • Painted/distressed old trunk


  • Repaired necklaces and bracelets for friends
  • Made earrings/necklaces for gifts and myself
  • Made brooch bouquet for bride
  • Replicated a beloved old pair of earrings for my sister
  • Turned old window into lacy altar piece for wedding
  • Made 7 bridesmaid bouquets & centerpieces
  • Made 7 groomsmen boutonnieres to match brooch bouquet
  • Made cards for various birthdays, etc. (won a paper craft set!)

On to 2017!



I absolutely love having my own office/sewing room/craft room.  I spend a lot of time here, often soaking up sappy Hallmark movies as I finish up some Christmas gift…having a tv here is awesome!

Keeping a list of projects I’ve completed is interesting to look back on;  2016 proved to be a big one;  at 42 projects, that’s nearly 1 per week! Everything from sewing bench cushions, baby blankets and burp cloths to making a broach bouquet, jewelry and wedding decor, painting and refinishing desks, bunk beds, dressers and cabinets, and so much more.

Here are some of the things I finished in time for Christmas:

  1.  A stocking for Chase, our newest grandchild.  It matches his sister Chloe’s that I made last year.  img_3744
  2. Placemats for my mom, who handed me down her green thumb.  I saw this “Succulents” fabric line from Heather at and just had to find some project to use it on.  Mom has aloe and jade plants that are 30+ years old!
  3. After nearly two years of research, preparations and sewing, I finally got to present my sister with this quilt for her 60th birthday.  It was her childhood quilt, handmade by our great-grandmother, but overly loved and trashed. I cut out some salvageable squares (that first cut into a family quilt is HARD!), added borders, and turned it into this.  She loved it. (PS I had help from TD Quilts, who did the gorgeous! long-arm quilting.)
  4. Its really fun for me to take something that is “past its prime” and turn it into something that is once again used and appreciated.  These old “American Heritage-style” dressers were destined for Goodwill until I painted and distressed them for family-friend Jaime’s new baby girl’s room.  Big sister Hadley might just be jealous…

Now that its 2017, I hope to keep this blog more updated 🙂 as I finish at least 2 quilts, paint more furniture, and sew some more fun things.  Send me your projects!

Do you know someone who has never used their wedding china, saved the crystal for “a special occasion”, kept the nicer silverware in the drawer?  Well, I think such things should be brought out occasionally and enjoyed, savored and generally appreciated.

So, when my friend Karen told me about some fabric that she’d had laying around for some 50 years, I was ready for the challenge.  Her mom was gifted a fine cotton/linen flat sheet from Europe 50+ years ago, but never used it, likely because she didn’t have the full set. So it sat.  And sat. And never got used, though the material has an absolutely gorgeous feel to it with a high thread count and natural fibers.

I first cut out 2 pillow cases, utilizing the finely crocheted trim.  Then with the remainder I was able to cut out a DOZEN square napkins, just slightly larger than the 16″ standard, so there would be plenty of room for decorative folds. Since there was no trim on the napkins and I don’t have a fussy machine that does monograms, I used a decorative stitch along the edges, just for a subtle elegance.

So easy…and the sheet will be so much more appreciated now; the gift that has kept on giving.  I folded 8 of the napkins into lotus blossoms for a nice presentation…just a matter of folding the corners into center, flip it over and fold corners in again, then pull up the flap.  Find tutorials online…

I took a quilting class to learn the basics so that I can tackle the vintage quilt my mom gave me from my great-grandmother. I was impressed at the number of tips, etc. I picked up even though I’ve been sewing since 4th grade.

The process is not difficult; it just takes patience (okay, I admit I’m a little lacking there), precision (well, I’m usually in a hurry and not so precise either) and persistence.

The quilt is called “Just Between Friends” and I took the class with a friend, so that was fun. It is the ‘lap quilt’ size, which is nearly twin sized!

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How many chairs like this have you seen at garage sales, Goodwill, etc.?  I think this came from a yard sale and cost less than $10. It is solid wood and has a nice figure, tho.

www.kathimoore.comWell, with just a little paint, a friend who fixed the seat for me, and some fabric I already had from Crimson Tate, suddenly it is a very cute side piece.  Just because I had more fabric that happened to coordinate, I made the pillow, too.  I frequently buy fabric that I just LIKE, so when I’m bored I can make a pillow or two or cover a bulletin board or some little project like that. I know…its a disease!

Don’t you think this is much cuter now?  (and…its for sale if you like…but not the cat!) IMG_1821

I had just finished sewing valances for someone, so needed a new project.  So, of course we went to Goodwill to scope out the furniture area. Found a cute little table with drawer for just $6.00!  Rickety, but solid wood, so the perfect candidate.

I also happened to have a FREE quart of paint from Ace, who was giving them out last weekend in any color of your choosing.  I chose green…like Granny Smith apple green! (unsolicited endorsement;  that new Clark & Kensington paint they carry is super thick and comes in great colors)

Forgetting to shoot a ‘before’ pic, I did get one early on…but I absolutely love how it turned out!  $6. table, free paint…and a $4. drawer knob 🙂  Chalk painted, distressed, waxed and buffed!



Hubz and I both like Craftsman style…real woods and natural colors…so when I first saw this chair on Craigslist, I was attracted to it.  The fact that is was just $25 made it all the more attractive!

Well, even after cleaning,  the “ultra-suede” cover was still old, faded, and even had some paint on it….ick. Not too great for our living room!


Well, I finally got around to finishing the new cover…good news is, Charlie the furry     beast doesn’t seem to like the new fabric, so perhaps I will no longer have to vacuum it all the time!






Charlie, the furry beast

AFTER! Silky fabric has stitched-on floral pattern!

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