I’ve honestly been so busy with projects and work that I haven’t kept my blog very updated.  At this very moment, I am working on 4 different quilts, I just handed off yet another custom window seat cushion, am sewing diaper cloths and a baby blanket for a baby shower, making a beaded necklace and a few pairs of earrings, and chalk painting 2 tables with wood-stained tops.  I do a little bit every night after work/dinner, just to keep things moving forward…that’s how to get so much finished!  And…Christmas is just 10 weeks away! I guess I’m ADD….I rarely sit still!

Here is one of my favorite projects of all time.  This 2-piece buffet was a nice, solid wood piece that had been purchased by a friend online for just $125.  I chalk-painted it, stained the top, mercury-glass painted the glass (so you can’t see through very well, for storage-sake), painted knobs, and waxed it all.  Love LOVE it!  Isn’t it perfect for a farmhouse?


You know by now I enjoy painting and finding the beauty in icky old pieces of furniture.  I hunt through Goodwill stores and other thrift stores, hunting for the $10 prize that just needs some attention to be brought back to its original beauty…or a better version!

Here’s my latest…sorry I always forget to take “before” pics, but trust me when I say this was one tired piece of furniture, with wet stains, chunks of wood missing, marker marks, etc.  and a $13 price tag.  I chalk-painted and waxed bottom and sanded/stained the top.

Look at her now!

Lauren was not a fan of her 1980s pink-toned cabinets, but wasn’t able to purchase all new ones either.  She started to paint, but quickly decided she was in over her head and called me in!

Here is the process;  clean, lightly sand, paint x 3 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, distress with power sander, 2-3 coats of clear wax, buff.  Also, removed all hardware and spray-painted some of the old handles to match the new knobs. Then replaced all cabinets and hardware….and got myself a bottle of wine! *whew* long process and good arm muscles.

We had this square coffee table, which worked great when we had a sectional sofa. We no longer have the sectional sofa, so it was time to sell the table.  No one seemed interested in a wood table, so out came the paint…and Pinterest for inspiration!

Chalk paint and distressing (with some shoe polish) on the bottom, chalkboard paint on the top….and Voila! Off to the consignment store…

I absolutely love this dresser.  Someone bought it online for just $100 and asked me to paint it for her.  We were going to replace the hardware with glass knobs, but she decided to just have them painted white, which I loved after I did it; retains the vintage feel, I think.

Since the drawers were kind of icky inside, I also lined them with grey flannel for her.

I’m so happy with how it turned out and she is also thrilled.

Let me know if you have any old piece you’d like me to restore and re-purpose.  For instance, that old t.v. armoire makes a great bar, or add shelves inside and paint and it makes a nice open-shelved piece in a guest bedroom).

I have my cell phone & Kindle recharger right at the bedroom door for two reasons; one, I won’t forget it as I walk out the door and two, the nightstand is already too crowded!

Its all been on the floor…ick.  So, I found a little table we were no longer using and of course, chalk painted it!

Much better, don’t you think?

New devilish kitten, Ellie

New devilish kitten, Ellie

H.S. Graduation

H.S. Graduation

What a year it has been….I’m not at all sad to see it go away forever!  I’m hoping that, since my lucky number is 13 (bdayFriday the 13th!), 2013 will be a much better year.

AND….some online astrologist emailed me and told me I’m about to enter into a major transition period where everything will start coming my way…Hurrah!

Let’s just take a look at all 2012 had in store for us (and yes it was a lot and some GOOD!)…I think we’re off the stress chart:

  • Assisted with Super Bowl XLVI
  • First wedding in the family (first grandchild, our first child, etc.)
  • 2 graduations (sons)
  • Daughter and son both moved and got new jobs
  • Youngest off to college
  • Hubby lost job
  • 2 cats died
  • Got a new kitten
  • Some big trips with Music-Travel, dealing with monsoon rains, theft, etc.
  • Various events with live-in in-laws.
  • Sent a huge box of blankets and supplies to a Botswana orphanage, thanks to some anonymous Internet friends.
  • Kathi sewed a LOT and painted a lot of furniture
  • Neal edited a LOT of video for folks and wrote a lot of articles.

Here’s what I predict for 2013:

  • New job for hubby and/or me
  • Will lose one dog (he’s 12+)
  • Various events with live-in in-laws will continue.
  • Riches will finally come our way?!
  • Cars will finally be fixed and working at the same time?!
  • $ewing, painting and editing will continue.

Happy New Year!