I try to keep a running list of things I’m working on…partly so I don’t forget to finish things in a timely manner!  Its a good feeling to cross something off the list as ‘completed.’ Since I’m not good at photographing and doing tutorials for every project, here’s my condensed list from 2016. Feel free to ask questions or demand photos!  This list is more for my own memory as much as anything else 🙂

For 2017 I already have 3 quilts in the works, 3 pieces of furniture in our garage calling my name to make them pretty again, and a friend asking me to make some Roman shades and drapes.  Keeps me out of trouble!

Sewing Projects:

  • Baby quilt + sister’s heritage quilt redo + wedding quilt
  • 3 car seat wrap-around blankets
  • 3 baby blankets
  • Numerous baby burp cloths
  • Living room chair seat covers w/cording
  • Recovered dining room chairs
  • Pillows and tablecloth for a dining room
  • Placemats
  • Baby leggings
  • Corded bench cushion
  • Prom dress tailoring
  • Arm covers for damaged wicker chairs
  • Various plaid scarves + cowl-neck poncho
  • Small purse/carry bag

Painting projects:

  • Restored antique desk
  • Paint/distress dresser/changing table/custom shelf for nursery
  • pedestal oak table paint/stain
  • 2 wrought iron chairs + table paint/recover
  • Huge bunk bed/desk/ladder set painted
  • 2 vintage dressers painted/distressed for another nursery
  • Coffee table and side table paint/stain
  • Antique tv cabinet restoration
  • small cabinet paint/new quartz top
  • Sewing table restoration/paint
  • Painted/distressed old trunk


  • Repaired necklaces and bracelets for friends
  • Made earrings/necklaces for gifts and myself
  • Made brooch bouquet for bride
  • Replicated a beloved old pair of earrings for my sister
  • Turned old window into lacy altar piece for wedding
  • Made 7 bridesmaid bouquets & centerpieces
  • Made 7 groomsmen boutonnieres to match brooch bouquet
  • Made cards for various birthdays, etc. (won a paper craft set!)

On to 2017!



I took a quilting class to learn the basics so that I can tackle the vintage quilt my mom gave me from my great-grandmother. I was impressed at the number of tips, etc. I picked up even though I’ve been sewing since 4th grade.

The process is not difficult; it just takes patience (okay, I admit I’m a little lacking there), precision (well, I’m usually in a hurry and not so precise either) and persistence.

The quilt is called “Just Between Friends” and I took the class with a friend, so that was fun. It is the ‘lap quilt’ size, which is nearly twin sized!

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New devilish kitten, Ellie

New devilish kitten, Ellie

H.S. Graduation

H.S. Graduation

What a year it has been….I’m not at all sad to see it go away forever!  I’m hoping that, since my lucky number is 13 (bdayFriday the 13th!), 2013 will be a much better year.

AND….some online astrologist emailed me and told me I’m about to enter into a major transition period where everything will start coming my way…Hurrah!

Let’s just take a look at all 2012 had in store for us (and yes it was a lot and some GOOD!)…I think we’re off the stress chart:

  • Assisted with Super Bowl XLVI
  • First wedding in the family (first grandchild, our first child, etc.)
  • 2 graduations (sons)
  • Daughter and son both moved and got new jobs
  • Youngest off to college
  • Hubby lost job
  • 2 cats died
  • Got a new kitten
  • Some big trips with Music-Travel, dealing with monsoon rains, theft, etc.
  • Various events with live-in in-laws.
  • Sent a huge box of blankets and supplies to a Botswana orphanage, thanks to some anonymous Internet friends.
  • Kathi sewed a LOT and painted a lot of furniture
  • Neal edited a LOT of video for folks and wrote a lot of articles.

Here’s what I predict for 2013:

  • New job for hubby and/or me
  • Will lose one dog (he’s 12+)
  • Various events with live-in in-laws will continue.
  • Riches will finally come our way?!
  • Cars will finally be fixed and working at the same time?!
  • $ewing, painting and editing will continue.

Happy New Year!

Today is the Big Move Day.  The in-laws will be sleeping at our house from now on, in their own cozy wing of our spacious manor (well, spacious being a relative term…and they ARE relatives).

But first I had to complete a quickie valance for “the parlor”, which is what we are calling the former-teen-cave-now-living-room. Don’t worry…”before and after” shots will be posted later this week…but for now, here are the details on a quickie project from the weekend.

Huge window has 2″ wooden blinds and Grammy’s very old sheers on a traverse rod, but you could see the rod, so I wanted to cover it with something colorful to warm up the room and make it feel cozier.  First, I had to wash the sheers carefully in cold water/delicate and hang them on hangers to air dry…worked well!

p.s.  Thanks to Lisa for the scallop pattern 🙂

In the midst of the craziness in my household (in-laws moving in this weekend! Room “before’s” and “afters” to come), I got the urge to do something crafty (that is, other than painting rooms and re-arranging closets, etc!).

Here’s what I came up with, inspired by a local quilter and the fact that the museum has a quilting show opening next month.  (All hand-quilted and beaded.)  Remember, its a first attempt!

Click to enlarge!

What a wonderful birthday! Got all dressed up and went to the museum’s “first annual” fundraising gala. More than 300 people were there…so nice of the museum to do that for me 🙂
Anyway…got the dress finished in plenty of time…and earrings and pendant to match. Behold! Teaching a crabby 4th grader to sew was clearly one of the best gifts my mom ever gave me!

P.S.  Here’s hubby, chatting it up with a museum guest!

Neal and the president

Hubby chats with party guest

Finding the time to sew is always a challenge, when I’m working 50-ish hours a week then coming home to make dinner, etc.  I don’t have as much energy as I used to and sitting on the couch watching TV take so much less motivation than sewing!

I’ve finished dozens of tucks, though, and last night got 10 darts, 2 princess seams and a pleat down the jacket back finished.  Now, on to attaching a neck band (not looking forward to that…looks complicated) and sleeves…and waistband for the skirt.   I need to have everything but the hems done by end of the weekend!

P.S.  I also took a break from sewing (!) and made some crystal earrings with a silver wrap and a crystal pendant with a small silver wrap to match…I’ll try to photograph them and add here later…